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Ayur Yoga Organics brings together the sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda through eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Our practices are rooted in traditional Indian wisdom, which enable us to live in harmony with nature and supports us in the modern world. We care about quality and use the finest organic cotton, natural dyes, and the traditional process of hand weaving. Our beautiful medicinal mats are made according to the system of Ayur vastra – the Ayurvedic process of using natural dyes made from plants, minerals and herbs to promote a healthy balanced life.

Ayur Yoga Organics – born in India where Ayurveda and Yoga began, promotes a return to complete wellness. Ayur – meaning life, Veda – meaning knowledge. This knowledge of life is what lies behind our mats.

Ayurvastra existed as a branch of Ayurveda, the 5000 year old system of medicine in India. Ayurvastra refers to the process of dyeing cotton with medicinal plants for a healthy mind-body.

Through the skins contact with Ayurvedic herbs, there can be relief from skin disorders, respiratory conditions, headaches, insomnia and other health issues.

Our Story – A journey through India lead to a re-discovery of traditions and crafts that were being lost, with that was born a passion to revive and bring them into the present.

A Yoga Mat as a Yoga Movement. One small mat makes one big impact. We utilise and promote organic farming, weaving co–operatives, small scale village production, plant based dyeing, traditional crafts, ecology, sustainability.

Traditions – There were no sticky mats or micro fiber towels in India and what we see today is a modern invention from around the 1980s. Ayur Yoga mats are an authentic, traditional way to practice yoga with ease and comfort. Ayur Yoga mats are conducive to strength building and sweat absorption because of the specific weave design.

“The good grip rubber mats are not so good as they allow your muscles to give way. Your mat is not what is supposed to prevent you from slipping. Your strength is what should keep you in place. New York Times had a long article on how rubber mats are a big cause for Yoga injuries.” Nidhi

Eco-friendly alternative – replaces need for micro fiber towels. Micro fiber, “made up 85 % of human-made debris on shorelines around the world“, Guardian. Also, research has shown that even some eco-friendly mats have harmful toxins.

Action – What we do makes an impact on the world. Being a conscious consumer is just one way we can make a difference.

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